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Flexible Packaging, Co-Packing & Assembly Services

We encourage manufacturing plastic bag and businesses of all sizes to allow us an opportunity to identify an innovative solution to your specific need.

Get Lasting Support

  • With Haida’s technical and flexible packaging design expertise, you are not alone.
  • Haida’s experienced project managers ensure high quality technical service.
  • Our research and development team can assist you with packaging innovation, improving your package system or inventing a new one.

  • Rapid prototyping, trials and samples help you work out the kinks.
  • ISO 9001, FDA, SGS certification means you can rest assured that your investment is in good hands. Totally Degradable Plastic Additives Technology

       From design and engineering to sourcing, manufacturing, quality control and co-packing, our diversity might surprise you. Our helpful staff and fast turnaround
shouldn't. Discover what we can do for your business.

Give us a call at +86-523-86815209.